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Elder Willie Graham


Elder Willie Graham

Elder Willie Graham

Elder Willie Graham, Jr. is a seasoned man of God with great teaching and preaching ability. He is an anointed preacher/teacher who enthusiastically shares the word of God with His people with a focus on financial prosperity.

Elder Willie united with Kingdom Life in 2013 and currently serves as Elder, and team leader of the Tribe of Levi. His oversight includes men’s fellowships, and church finances. Prior to coming to Kingdom Life, he served as Asst. Pastor at New Light of Hope Christian Center in Elkhart, Indiana.

His professional career has spanned across the years and has led him to establish his own business, Jubilee Builder’s & Remodeling, Inc. of which he is the President and Owner. These aspirations have also helped him to launch a non-profit agency, The Hope Center, which helps people to gain financial stability particularly in the face of purchasing a new home.