Promoting the Kingdom of God in the hearts of His people.

Modern Society Presents Hard Life Challenges To Christians

Today it’s more and more difficult to believe in God, since most of our modern society tends to suggest the opposite or to sends wrong messages, so individuals who don’t have a strong faith in God may easily get lost in such a mess of trends, fashions and new habits.

Most Relevant Differences Between Catholics And Protestants

Some Catholics are even confused between Protestantism and Catholicism and they go on switching from one another without to have a solid idea about the differences between these two groups:

  • Catholics have the Pope as their Chief, while protestants believe nobody can closer to God than another human
  • Catholics have big cathedrals developed with richness and in elegant styles over the centuries, they are architectonical masterpieces. Protestants don’t have a specific relationship with the place where they meet
  • Catholics have Saints, people who lived their life imitating Christ during His days as human
  • Protestant pastors can be married, Catholics cannot

Life Challenges – How To Do?

As you can see, there are very big differences between Catholics and Protestants. Catholics who feel confused about certain topics or situations should never lose their faith in God and try to talk to a priest who can advice them. Switching to Protestantism would be to lose a chance to find Light over existential issues.

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